Premiere in Mainz

October 25, 2019
Andrew Greenan as Warlaam at the Inn, Boris Godunov at State Theatre Mainz

As I have mentioned before I hadn’t expected to participate in another Boris-production so soon. Only a good year after having sung Feodor in Göteborg. However Mainz, the theatre and the town, has shown itself from a very nice side. The rehearsal period has been great fun and it has been a pleasure to meet so many new, nice and talented colleagues!

Tomorrow the show takes off and after we’ve celebrated the premiere we’ll play this production until mid March 2020. Check my calendar for the dates!

Direction: Wolfgang Nägele
Conductor: Hermann Bäumer
Costume design: Annette Braun
Set design: Stephan Mayer

Boris: Derrick Ballard
Grigorij: Matthias Koziorowski
The entire cast can be found here