Solgerd Isalv studied at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg. She received tuition following the teachings and traditions of Yat Malmgren, Rudolph Laban and Anton Chekhov. Her Masters Degree in Opera also included basic acrobatic and musical theatre training along with specializations such as historical dance and stage fighting. Her double-studies in Opera and Acting also enabled the participation in an acting workshop for Larry Moss in Switzerland.

After finishing her degree, Solgerd Isalv joyfully pursued her interest in improvisation at Improverket, Gothenburg. She took a series of courses in the Gestalt Method for actors and started to focus on film, participating in workshops with specialists including the casting director Nancy Bishop. In one workshop, Director Goran Kapetanovic described Solgerd Isalv as unusually photogenic. Nevertheless Solgerd Isalv also enjoyed working in Radio Drama at the Swedish Radio Theatre.

Since moving to Germany in 2011 to pursue her operatic career, Solgerd Isalv has been actively improving her German and English language abilities. She is establishing herself as an actress in Germany with projects including the interactive web film Room 206 (Yves Lechermeier, Cycloprod), the Swedish-German short film Var tyst och tala (Julia Stenke) and a guest appearance in the TV-series Berlin Tag und Nacht. She also took part in a TV commercial for Pattex Super Glue directed by Jorn Haagen. For the seasons 14/16 Solgerd Isalv is associated with the Nuremberg State Theatre and will be singing solo roles on their main stage.

Skills include: Horseback Riding (Dressage, Jumping, also with Icelandic Horses),
Lindy Hop,
Pole dancing
Singing (of course),
and a start at playing the Theremin!

Languages: Swedish (mother tongue)
English (slight Scandinavian/British accent with traces of Australian)
German (slight Scandinavian accent)

Places of Abode: Sweden: Gothenburg, Kalmar, LuleƄ, Stockholm.
Germany Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg.