December 9, 2014

This summer I made role debut with the third lady in the Magic Flute, W A Mozart, in a revival. Open air and on tour. Quite a challenge but fun and with wonderful colleagues.

Arriving in Nuremberg in autumn the musical rehearsals started for the Magic Flute, this time role debut as the second Lady. Also this time a revival.
During the short rehearsal period for the production in Nuremberg I both blessed and cursed the fact that I’d already done so many performances as the third lady. On one hand I know the piece inside out, on the other hand how often I started to sing my colleagues’ lines… She, a brilliant and inspiring artist, was thankfully relaxed enough to laugh about it. It can get rather annoying when someone sings your lines…
But I managed to sort my brain out both considering text and the rather choreographed direction just in time for the revival and we have some great fun on stage.

Some photos from the production are to be seen here