Recap on the Season 22/23

July 17, 2023

I haven’t managed to keep this homepage more than barely updated this past season. It has been busy days indeed. Fun! Sometimes a bit too busy maybe.
It is seemingly always a roller coster to pursue a life as a musician, actor and artists. Emotionally, mentally but also physically. Too little (paid) work is very bad but too much isn’t optimal either.
This season has been fun but I have definitely had a process where I’ve been looking for the optimal balance between being a busy bee and yet a creative, well prepared and rested artist.
I welcome the holiday and the upcoming season I’ll see what, if, I’ve learned something that can serve me when similar situations occur!

The season has been a mix of every day theatre life and some musical highlights.
Returning to Lili Boulanger’s Faust et Hélène together with Daniel Cohen and the MDR Orchestra was definitely a highlight. As well as singing my first Les Béatitudes, F.Martin. Recording some of Alma Mahler’s songs together with Jan Croonenbroeck was a lot of fun! I would love to record them all!
That our Don Giovanni production was played for such a long time was a treat for me. Debuting as Donna Elvira was an important but somewhat scary step which has opened up for a new range of repertoire for me. It was interesting to observe my technical and vocal development through the season, through that one role.
Returning to Wagner was also important and a lot of fun. Jump ins as Wellgunde in Saarländische Staatstheater and 2e Norn at Staatstheater Braunschweig made that possible. Meeting new and old colleagues and getting to know new stages and orchestras are the best part of jumping in.

The past weeks we have been rehearsing Les contes d’Hoffmann together with director Dirk Schmeding. It’ll be the opening piece of the 23/24 season and I’m grateful to get to sing this particular part (Muse/Niclausse) at this particular time in my career and development. It is going to be a good start to the new season!