September 6, 2021

Due to delayed renovation works, of reasons known from the press, the beginning of my season at State Theatre Darmstadt is expected to be slow.
My first performances will be the brief revival of Städtchen Drumherum on Sept 21st. After that I don’t have any performances in the house until the planned IRL-Premiere of Lucrezia/Faust et Hélène on Dec. 4th.
This doesn’t mean I’m just sitting around though. Except my freelance work, which is slowly taking up again after the lockdowns, I have a lot of repertoire and three roles to prepare and rehearse. I am grateful for this flexible time I’ve got. I’ve recently spent a few days in Berlin for a boot camp with my voice teacher, Sami Kustaloglu. Currently I am traveling by ICE to Paris for a few days worth of work with the coach Irene Kudela, with whom I’ve only worked once before, in 2018.
My relocation from Franconia to Saarland gives new perspectives on Europe. Paris is suddenly much closer than the German capital. I’m very excited about the upcoming days – I hope a cooperation can develop. I’ll take the first steps to prepare Dulcinée (Don Quichotte, Massenet) and if the time allows, refresh Hélène too. I’ll definitively buy tea at Mariage Frères, my favourite tea house, and revisit the Louvre. I hope to enjoy the museum not being so full, making the best out of the pandemic restrictions! Ah, Paris, it was way too long ago!