New Lied-Programmes for Recitals

February 19, 2018

Lied-Duo Solgerd Isalv and Jonas OlssonAs a result of a long process, long discussions and a lot of research I and Jonas published our three new Lied-programmes last week. We are offering three exciting and very different programmes for the upcoming seasons.

We are stepping into new ground in our cooperation and do not have one single contemporary Lied in the lineup. Our recording of Art-Oliver Simon’s Abendlicher Reigen is scheduled for 2019, so we will have enough time for our time as it is.


One program, on mythological themes, is concentrating on Haydn and Schubert

The second program is a beautiful, romantic, tribute to the wonderful works of Friedrich Rückert

and the third, an exciting and somewhat challenging program, focusing on the musical development after the turn of the last century, in Vienna.

We are both longing to share all this music with our audience.

Those of you who read Swedish can read about the programmes here, we are working on the translations.

Please feel free to spread the word!