Lucrezia/Faust et Hélène as Stream

April 8, 2021

History repeats itself, or the woman – victim or offender

The model regions in Germany, such as Saarland, are opening their theaters with the help of extensive testing. While waiting for their results and vaccinations, state theater Darmstadt has decided to do a few selected streamings. Over the easter weekend a play and a concert was available for streaming. This upcoming weekend a classical music theatre production and a balett performance will have their online premieres. We all hope to meet the audience in real premieres soon but exploring the possibilities in cooperations between directors and video directors as well as different methods for achieving as much of a live feeling as possible, is exciting.

In this stream I’m singing Hélène.

Info on how to buy a ticket and dates

Hier you can find the program book for download

Published in Darmstädter Echo