La fedeltà premiata emerging

February 3, 2015

La fedeltà premiata is being rehearsed with a double cast, to give more students from the University the possibility to participate, and it’s an interesting process to see how different persons do the very same things so similarly differently. In this case it makes the rehearsal process rather slow, but it is fascinating to watch the process(es) in the room and it was a long time ago I had the possibility to influence a character and her presence on stage so much. With one or two exceptions I’ve only sung revivals the past few years (which is an art in itself). I’m enjoying it greatly.

From next week on we’ll be rehearsing in the legendary baroque theatre Markgrafentheater. Though I doubt it can compete with Drottningholmstheatern (a dream workplace) I’m very much looking forward to that stage, except for the commute -our rehearsal stage right now is rather cramped.

Unfortunately the tickets haven’t sold very well yet so it looks as if we’ll only do two shows. One per cast. 6,5 rehearsal week for one show. A new experience. I have mixed feelings about that one. But Celia is worth it.