Komm ins Offene

September 13, 2020

Come into the open…

I was holding my breath, but it is happening: State Theatre Darmstadt has launched its season 2020/2021, they are playing! I am singing! Oh joy!

Of course these days call for solidarity and big amounts of flexibility. Within the theatre, among the artists and, not the least, from the audience.

Due to safety regulations productions can’t be produced as we know them. Changing rules, and different challenges, give that the productions may not end up looking like they were first planned.
It is indeed a “Corona Season” but I am excited to get this possibility to work extensively with the conductor, and GMD, Daniel Cohen!

Seek comfort in the fact that the theatre is and will be playing, for sure. But the information on what and when will probably be presented a tad later than normal. I myself only have secure performance dates for the upcoming 2,5 month. And even those are somewhat uncertain, since some regulations still need to be cleared and explained. We will all need patience. And I kindly ask you to always double check the dates in my calendar with the homepage of the organizer/orchestra/theatre before planning a visit to a performance.

That said, with most engagements cancelled, I am relieved and happy to see that at least a few ones outside the state funded institution have survived. A Christmas concert in St. Lorenz in Nuremberg (with Ensemble Kontraste, conducted by Matthias Ank) and a chamber opera production of La Traviata with Compagnia Nuova shows us that culture will persevere.