Jump ins

December 19, 2016

December has been the jump in-month.

Viruses have been hard on my colleagues and I’ve been lucky enough to stay healthy.

So it came that I had to jump in for myself, so to speak. I had to cover for the guest who was  supposed to come in order to sing one of the Rossini/bel canto- matinees.

So I ended up singing two shows on the same day (Rossini and Hänsel) which was what we all had tried to avoid, but I survived that too.

The other day another colleague got sick and I sang two roles the same evening: the Innkeeper and Feodor. The latter from the side.

A profession where the most stabile and competent singer can do nothing when the cold-viruses struck.

It was a bit exciting and sometimes a challenge but it all went well, I had fun and got great support from my colleagues. Am thankful and happy I could help out.

the show must go on