Handbrake, or not?

April 12, 2021

A warm receiving of the Lucrezia/Faust et Hélène-Stream

While waiting for the German government to decide if there will be a renewed lockdown, we will continue rehearsing the family production “Städtchen Drumherum” – a contemporary piece about environment and dialogue by E. Naske, not knowing when we can present it for an audience. The theatre is considering different alternatives. It is important to do something for our youngest audience members in these times.. And we continuously try to find our way through regular testing and rehearsing with masks.

I’m very happy to tell you that even if a digital format is far from a live-experience the interest in the Lucrezia/Faust et Hélène-Stream has been big and the reviews very positive. For me, for us, for the production. I’m so glad that this special production gets the possibility to reach an audience. It was a very special process for everyone involved.

So far two more streams are planned, April 16th and 24th. And a revival in December, next season.