February 20, 2017

In Improvisation Theatre the most important thing to keep in mind is to always say yes. To say yes, pick up the energy and the idea from your counterpart(s) and out of that new situation offer something new.

In this spirit I’ve replanned my spring and immediate week many times these past weeks.

The small things; a colleague needing a stand by in the house, would the voice not make it through the three hours of singing after a week in bed. Meaning a great opportunity for me to dust of Isabella in l’Italiana and sing it through with the conductor, but also meaning to but other things aside.

Balancing the most important now against the most important in the long run isn’t always easy.

So did a phone call from the opera in Nuremberg mean to quickly change plans of subletting und cancelling reservations for a long planned for vacation, walking El Camino. I am of course very happy for the possibility to dive into Wagner’s beautiful music again as Wellgunde and climb to get a view of the challenges of the world as the Second Norn.

Many famous people write that they build their careers saying no. But in most cases no isn’t an alternative. If the circumstances are right there is only a yes.

This profession demands a daily shot of flexibility.