Feodor goes Carmen

May 19, 2018

Two days after the last Boris Godunov in Göteborg, I found myself in the heart of Bavaria rehearsing Carmen. Going from playing a young boy in shorts to a grown woman used to be in charge of every situation. It is an exciting co-production between amateurs and professionals in a very interesting concept by the director Barbara Schöne, focusing on the concept of freedom.

The first week was extremely intense. We blocked almost the entire opera in three days -and had a first BO (Rehearsal with orchestra on stage) with the chorus this weekend. The amateur chorus and musicians from the Leonhardi Ensemble are bringing so much joy and enthusiasm into the production. I am genuinely impressed what they already managed to do with Bizet’s rather complicated ensemble numbers. The work they put in participating in all the work behind the stage is impressive too.

This crazy schedule was due to practical issues, as always. It was a fun challenge but I am looking forward for the upcoming week of “normal”, more in-depth rehearsing.

After having enjoyed a most wonderful and intense spring in Göteborg, where every tree seemed to bloom at the same time, it is a lovely start of summer to bike to and from rehearsals through the Bavarian countryside. Watching all these green colours; the fields and the woods, I send a thought of appreciation to GöteborgsOperan who, as a part of their environmental work,spend money on behalf of the solists for trees being planted in Africa – a concept called: Tackträd  (Trees of Thanks or Thank You Trees). It’s a fantastic idea.

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