Ekklesiastische Aktion/Umbrüche

November 21, 2018

Ecclesiastic Action/Upheavals

The 55th Church music festival in Fürth, Fürther Kirchenmusiktage, is currently taking place (Nov 10th – Dec 8th) . I am very happy to be invited for the third time. This time for two concerts with very different programmes. 

The first one, Ekklesiastische Aktion, named after B.A.Zimmermann‘s piece, is a big symphony orchestra concert, conducted by Ingeborg Schilffarth, which will be recorded by and for the radio, BR. B.A. Zimmermann and L. Bernstein were both born 1918 and the concert is of course a tribute to their 100th birthday. I am singing Lamentation from Symphony No1 (Jeremiah) and the treble solo in Chichester Psalms. Zimmermann’s music, which I’ve got a taste for after die Soldaten last spring, will be performed by Matthias Horn, Sibrand Basa and Daniel Dropulja. Members of the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg will be playing. Click here to by tickets.

The second concert, Umbrüche, is a journey through music history where I start with singing pieces by J. H Schein, written 1618. The program then moves via orchestra pieces by  J.S.Bach (1718), F.X.Mozart  (1818) and D.Milhaud (1918) to two world premieres by the composer Yulim Kim. Atalja is an interesting cantata (lyrics by Michael Herrschel) about the mythological person Athalia, who was a ruling queen of Judah for seven years, after her husband’s death, before she was murdered. The stories describe her as pure evil but maybe that was fake political news, suitable for the descendant rulers, which got written down? It is an interesting material to delve into for me. Bernd Müller will be conducting the Farrenc Orchestra. Tickets here