Die Soldaten

February 4, 2018

Finally the day of excitement and, I must admit, some fear has come – the first day of Soldaten- rehearsal at Staatstheater Nürnberg.

The Konzeptionsgespräch by director Peter Konwitschny was very inspiring and I’m more than happy to have my fabulous and experienced colleague Susanne Elmark on my side.

It has been a long journey of learning, and I’m happy there are still some weeks until the premiere but I must say that the piece, the psychological drama (by Lenz) in itself and how it’s painted in the music (by Zimmermann), is growing on me. It’s complicated, no doubt, but it is somehow starting to make sense. As I so often have experienced with contemporary or, in this case, modern music.

The set design, and its presentation, by Helmut Brade, will create a contrast to the intense and complicated music which will be conducted by the GMD Marcus Bosch.

I am curious indeed on how this rehearsal period will develop and how the piece will take form on stage.

For those interested in the piece I recommend this interview with  Michael Gielen, who conducted the world premiere in 1965