Cherubini’s Médée

July 7, 2018

The Oper in Starnberg-production of Cherubini’s Médée opened on Thursday night with a long curtain call and very positive reviews.

The last performance is July 8th and it is sold out. As with the Carmen production, it makes me very happy. It’s a big satisfaction, and proof that the hard work pays out, for everyone involved. Oper in Starnberg is to large extent dependent on volunteers behind stage and this engagement for culture in general and for opera in particular is so important for society. A few of the amateur singers who participated in the Carmen production have made the trip to come to see Médée – that is an extra treat for me – an honour.

It has been a fun journey to develop the character of Néris together with director Ada Ramzews and my colleague Marieke Wikesjö who sings Médée herself. Even if it truly isn’t much to sing in total, Néris’ aria is beautiful and it is a thankful character to dive into: very emotional and, though silently, very actively participating in what is going on around her. The Capella München plays wonderfully under Andreas Schlegel‘s baton and it is a bliss to listen to the intermezzi when waiting for my next entrance.

I hope to be able to post some official photos some day soon.

Big congratulations to my colleagues and the team for the hard but successful work done!