Carmen is getting there

March 20, 2019

With one week and one day to the premiere, the rehearsals are in an intense phase. The extras have joined us, even the four-legged one, the orchestra has joined us as well, almost all light cues are fixed and the technicians are done building/rebuilding the set.

The marketing apartment are creating small videos for facebook and instagram – sharing small bits and pieces as teasers about the production.

Mats Dahlberg from the local newspaper, NWT, interviewed me and my colleague Sabina Bisholt, who sings Michaela was interviewed by another local newspaper, VF – for those who are able to read Swedish

But mainly, everyone is still rather secretive about the art of the production. I can promise you that it’ll be good. It’s a very interesting concept and I think it’s very well directed of the language and the music. My colleagues are very talented indeed. But, it might be good to know that there is an official age recommendation from 15 years and there will be offensive language and images.