Berio’s Folk Songs

November 13, 2019

I heard Berio’s Folk Songs live with Malena Ernman at Verbier Festival when I was still studying and felt a strong wish to sing the songs somewhere some day. “Some day” turned out to be yesterday and last Saturday; Two concerts singing Berio and Weill (excerpts from Dreigroschenoper) with conductor Philip Pointner and the wonderful orchestra at the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

It has been such a positive and musically fulfilling experience and I’m very thankful to everyone at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen for the support and the great atmosphere! 

Preparing the songs turned out to be a more interesting process than expected. Due to the challenges to understand and pronounce the different languages and dialects and to get a sense of what the traditional folk songs in the regions sounds like, in order to be able to make informed decisions, I found myself making good use of my Facebook-account. Amazing how many people from different countries and with different skill sets I have in my inner and wider network! Of even bigger value is that they all willingly helped me and all the interesting conversations which arose from my questions. Social media and the international, digital world at its best!

Maja Mlkva, who is behind the brand Maïsa -Slow Fashion Atelier, fitted the fantastic dress for me. I felt I needed something special for the Folk Songs and, also through contacts and a bit of luck, I turned to the right person!