Abendlicher Reigen

June 15, 2017

I and Jonas Olsson both studied, at the same time, in Göteborg but started our collaboration only after we had finished our degrees.

However life is such that we seem to have had a. project only every second year since then. Every time it’s a bliss, though, and we always say we ought to work together more often.

Jonas Olsson is a incredibly talented pianist specialised in contemporary music, internationally established. His collaboration with the Berlin based composer Art-Oliver Simon however, started through me and through the world premiere of the first part of  the song cycle Abendlicher Reigen. I got the request to perform them in 2013 and saw a great opportunity to work with Jonas again.

Since then Jonas has recorded Art-Oliver Simon’s pieces for solo piano, some of which can be heard here

Tomorrow, during the contemporary music festival Oaarwurm, I and Jonas will premiere the second part of the song cycle.

Maybe the most complicated chamber music I’ve ever come across but full of crispy details and expression.

In the second part of the concert we will perform Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, Opus 15 by Arnold Schönberg. A very exciting piece, important in musicology and challenging but rewarding to perform.

I’m focused, nervous and very happy and excited!