Swedish Music on the National Day or Duets for Sale

June 6, 2018
O Herre, den allrahögstes enfödde Son

Tonight I and the soprano Katrin Küsswetter  premiered our programme with sacral duets, a concept on which we have worked for quite some time. To find a well balanced, sacral programme for two female voices has been an exciting journey through the depth of our own saved scores,  recordings and music libraries. The result is a combination of famous and not at all well known pieces from the baroque and the romantic period. I’m happy to have introduced my colleague to the wonderful music of Johan Helmich Roman – and it was of course fun to perform and have them perform some, in Germany unknown, Swedish music on the Swedish National Day

The concert, a part of a serie of charity concerts in benefit of the organ in St. Matthäus, Erlangen,  was visited by a small but enthusiastic audience.

We are both very happy to have this project up and running and thankful to our partner in crime, for the evening the cembalist/organist Susanne Hartwich-Düfel.

The programme is for sale and if you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us