A digital world-premiere

June 30, 2021

Den som väntar på något gott, väntar aldrig för länge

Literally, “the one who waits for something good, never waits too long”. Idiomatic, “good things come to those who wait” – or depending on the situation “better late than never”

#CultureContinued, which as been soundly asleep for a year, has been honoured with a world premiere. It was mid-april when the librettist Michael Herrschel wrote to me and asked me to sing the digital world premiere of the piece Pandora ist tot (Pandora is dead). Michael Herrschel’s poem featured in #CC Episode XXIII and has been put into music by Horst Lohse. The piece will be published by Edition Gravis

Together with pianist and conductor Neil Valenta I’m making a digital world premiere in cooperation with Staatstheater Darmstadt, Sebastian Franke and Benjamin Weber. We recorded the material mid June, however, due to the work load on the technical departments at the end of the season the post-production will need a bit more time.